“Amrita Laboratory” was established back in 1994 and is now one of the   leaders on the Eastern European market in the development and production of high-quality cosmetic products for professional use and home care. Established by scientists and experts in the field of cryobiology and biochemistry, “Amrita Laboratory” has a number of patents and applies original know-how for the extraction and production of the active substances input into the products. The product range of Amrita, which is in complete unison with the contemporary   cosmetology and all health regulatory requirements, is based on natural substances and active natural substances.
“Amrita Laboratory” develops individual products for professional use grouped in therapies for the treatment of different types of skin and skin problems. These therapies have been specially created to be used in cosmetic studios and SPA centers, as well as additional components in dermatology, where the complex effect of the various products furthers the long-lasting and efficient restoration and the keeping for many years of the excellent skin tonus and health.
The combination of the high quality of the products and prices consistent with the user requirements has strengthened the Company’s permanent position on the cosmetic market. The series PROFESSIONAL has been under development since 2005 in cooperation with the Canadian company “FixDerm Laboratory”. This series is a method for body care inspired from the SPA centers, which are widely spread in Asia, the USA and Canada, a world that combines both body aesthetics and relaxation, orientated towards the good body and spirit status.