Diaper Rash Cream-Oil

 Bebe diaper rash   Bebe Diaper Rash Cream-Oil,forms a protective barrier whenever you change the diapers thus reducing red skin and diaper rash. Soothes a baby’s score skin. The product helps prevent skin irritations by creating a protective water-resistant layer. The combinations of Vitamin E and natural oils soothes the skin and contributes to its prompt a regeneration. You can use this product to protect the baby skin from environmental damage, including wind, cold and sun. The oil is free from preservatives and aromas, which helps prevent allergic reactions.

Bebe hypoalergBebe Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo

Shampoo foam is due to ingredients that dry out the skin and may create conditions for allergic reactions. Bebe hypo-allergenic shampoo is formulated to cleanse the delicate baby skin without destroying its natural protective barrier and hydration.The product does not irritate the baby’s eyes.
Directions: Apply a small quantity of the shampoo to wet hair and gently massage the scalp until a soft foam is formed. Rinse well with water.


Baby oil colic

Baby Oil For Colic

Oil reduces symptoms of colic baby and relieves the painful cramps.
How to use: Put 5 drops on baby belly and gently massage a few minutes clockwise.






BEBE SOLEIL SPF 30 is a natural sunscreen – oil.
It protects skin from the harmful effects of UV rays preventing sunburn. High level of protection with an SPF 30 against UVA and UVB rays. It creates a stable waterproof layer that prevents aggressive sunlight. It is designed to protect and maintain the delicate baby and children’s skin, which are tailored to the requirements for quality and purity of this product.

Product for everyday use. Children under 3 years should not be directly exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. Apply a generous amount of cream in a thick layer on sensitive skin and re-apply in sufficient quantities every 1- 2 hours or as many times as necessary. Avoid any sun exposure between 12 and 16 hours