Premium regenerating face cream
ROSE Beauty Line

Active ingredients: natural rose water and rose extract from Rosa Damascena, glutathione, enocianin, Marigold extract, lecithin, ascorbyl phosphate (Vit. C).
This exquisite regenerating face cream is especially created to support the skin’s natural regenerative functions. It improves skin elasticity, balances moisture content and nourishes skin making it feel smooth, soft and firm. Its formula is enriched with natural rose water and rose extract with powerful soothing, hydrating and nourishing properties. The natural anti-oxidants glutathione and enocianin are successfully fighting the free radicals. Marigold extract has great calming effect on skin. The presents of lecithin in cream’s formula ensures very good absorption of аl active ingredients through cells membranes. Vitamin C plays important role in cell metabolism and increases synthesis of collagen in skin cells.
Apply cream on clean skin until it is fully absorbed.