Deeply moisturizing mask ROSE Beauty Line


Active ingredients: natural rose water and rose extract from Rosa Damascena, grape seed oil, hyaluronic acid, lecithin, Aloe Vera extract, Marigold extract, Xantan gum, Vitamins A and E.
Based entirely on a balanced combination of natural moisturizers, this hydrating mask brings great benefits in every cosmetic procedure. Natural rose water and rose extract are calming and nourishing skin while grape seed oil is accelerating its regeneration as well as increasing its turgor and elasticity. Both Aloe Vera and Marigold extracts have very powerful calming properties. The mask’s formula is especially enriched with hyaluronic acid for deep skin hydration, which ensures its healthy and youthful look.
Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin (face and neck) and leave to absorb for about 15 minutes. Clean with wet towel and cleansing lotion.