Exfoliating mask ROSE Beauty Line


Active indredients: natural rose water and rose extract from Rosa Damascena, grape seed oil, Enocianin, clay (kaolin), tartaric acid(AHA), papain
Suitable for all skin types, this fine exfoliating mask acts as a gentle and effective pilling and is very comfortable to use. The product activates regenerating processes, tones skin and stimulates blood circulation. Natural rose water and rose extract are calming, hydrating and nourishing skin while grape seed oil is tightening and moisturizing it. Mask contains also enocianin, which is acting as a powerful anti-oxidant. Tartaric acid and papain are gently and effectively removing dead skin cells to ensure greater cosmetic effectiveness during upcoming procedures.
Apply on skin with your fingertips using circular movements. Massage for about 5-7 minutes and rinse with warm water.